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Food could soon levitate straight into your mouth

Engineers from the U.K. have figured out how to make food float straight into your mouth. No knife and fork required!Whether it’s floating clocks or hovering smartphone chargers, levitation is hot right now. That’s why we’re totally hyped at the prospect of some fascinating research coming out of the Sussex Computer Human interaction (SCHI) Lab at the U.K.’s University of Sussex, where engineers have figured out how to make a levitating food-delivery system, in which tasty grub floats straight into your mouth. No knife and fork required!

“We are interested in a way to deliver small quantities of food to a user without anyone touching the food,” Sriram Subramanian, professor of Informatics at the University of Sussex, told Digital Trends. “We created a way to deliver food from a dropper to the user’s mouth without touching anything. Food morsels are levitated using acoustic levitation techniques, and transported using our device to the user’s mouth. This is an semi-automated process giving us digital control over what food is delivered to the user’s mouth, when it is delivered, and how much is delivered.”

Source: Put the cutlery down: Food could soon levitate straight into your mouth

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