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This Seattle home is cozy and bright.

Photo: Courtesy of Nate Berkus

The most obvious situations for seeing new trends are by way of design shows and collection drops. Intentionally or not, there always comes a time when you see a certain shape or color at every turn. But what about looking to the food and beverages that are showing up all over menu? Look to avocado toast for a solid neutral palette with texture. The turmeric latte is hot in more way than one. How about unicorn food with all the sparkles and shades of purple? They say you are what you eat, but now we’re saying your design choices are what you eat too. Here are some of the fads in food we can’t help but notice in interiors and furnishings.

Turmeric Lattes

We wish we could afford this glamorous Lazzarini & Pickering armchair, but dreaming about it is still nice.

We wish we could afford this glamorous Lazzarini & Pickering armchair, but dreaming about it is still nice.

Photo: Courtesy of The Future Perfect

Whether you’re familiar with the tuberous root or not, it has been making its way everywhere lately, especially in the form of warm foamy beverages. The rich yellow-orange color in these seating elements serve as a bold jewel tone without being overwhelming. Turmeric works for accents pieces or a whole room scheme—paired with white, it really pops.

Avocado toast

Sure, these pieces have “kiwi” and “olive” in the names, but they look like an all-day-café breakfast staple to us. The velvet and tweed upholsteries of these Article chairs have varying shades depending on which level of ripeness you prefer.

Orange wine

Orange wine: It’s robust and bold, sour and nutty; it’s popular in the natural wine scene and has a lovely color. We’re spotting a lot of beautiful glass pieces that make us think of the beverage.

Unicorn food

Another Human's lamps are named after The Golden Girls, which adds to that wackiness we adore.
Another Human’s lamps are named after The Golden Girls, which adds to that wackiness we adore.
Photo: Courtesy of Another Human
Despite having been designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich in 1930, this chair feels very now.
Despite having been designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich in 1930, this chair feels very now.

Photo: Courtesy of Coming Soon NY

In the full-on whimsy category, we’ve got unicorn food. You know, magical doughnuts and purple-pink blended drinks. Sparkle and shimmer are typically involved. Ideal for a bold personality, this look is a lot, but it’s definitely fun.

Originally Appeared on Architectural Digest

Source: Food and Drink Trends As Seen in Decor

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