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The Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Edinburgh Dungeon, and York Dungeon have teamed up with themed smell company AromaPrime to launch a scent range designed for fans who are unable to visit the sites because of lockdown.

The iconic Dungeon sites are popular places for taking visitors back in times, walking through elaborate sets with realistic sounds and stimulating characters. Smell plays a principle role in heightening the atmosphere at the dungeons and bringing bygone eras to life. The pongs created at the dungeons are the creation of AromaPrime, which also produces authentic smells for the likes of Thorpe Park, Alton Towers Madame Tussauds and Sea Life aquariums.

Since some of the UK’s favourite attraction sites have been closed, enthusiasts of sites like Blackpool Tower Dungeon have been ordering scent from AromaPrime, to transport themselves back to fond memories of days out.

For the first time ever, Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Edinburgh Dungeon, and York Dungeon, in collaboration with AromaPrime, are making their own unique pongs. Each scent is centred on scenes from the historical sites, including The Witch Trial, The Anatomy Theatre and Castle Ghosts.

Kathryn Angel, general manager at The Edinburgh Dungeon, commented on the partnership with AromaPrime, saying: “We are really pleased to be working in partnership with AromaPrime, whose atmospheric scents we have used for many years. It’s great we are now able to transform the Dungeon experience and bring it into people’s homes for fun, escapism or even to aid learning.”

Source: Dungeon attractions launch scent collection for lockdown fun – InterPark