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Dodger Stadium is one of the most unique and beloved places in all Los Angeles. Since 1962, the stadium has been the place to go to every summer, and it is the most beautiful stadium in all of baseball.

But have you ever wondered what Dodger Stadium smells like? Wonder no more, Homesick, a home fragrance and lifestyle company creates candles that capture that true home essence and its scents.

The company recently created a Dodger Stadium candle that is supposed to give the scent of Chavez Ravine.

According to the website, the top notes give popcorn, tajin spiece, and crisp beer scents. The mid notes provides peanut scent, grilled corn, lime, and sea salt. The base notes gives off the fragrance of fresh grass, red clay, and peppercorn.

All those fragrances are pretty accurate, but they missed the most significant ingredient for the candle aroma, which is the Dodger dog.

The Dodger dog is the epitome of Dodger stadium, whether you’re a fan of the dog or not. Other than that, the beer, the grass, taijin spice, and peanuts are an accurate scent for the greatest stadium in the world.

You can purchase the candle on Homesick’s website for the price of $39.

Source: Dodger Stadium Candle is On Sale