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In June 2019, Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté will open a new entertainment venue shaped as a pyramid in Montreal – called PY1.

Lune Rouge Entertainment, founded by Guy Laliberté, will make its international debut on the Clock Tower site in Montreal’s Old Port. The first show at PY1 will be called Through the Echoes.

PY1 will offer a multi-sensory experience in a travelling venue. It has four possible configurations offering capacity for up to 1000 audience members.

Through The Echoes has been designed by multidisciplinary artist Gabriel Coutu-Dumont. It is a 60-minute multimedia show. It features lasers, 360-degree projections, kinetic video aerial scenery, atmospheric special effects and lighting effects.

Laliberté said: “Through The Echoes will be a totally immersive experience, a technological and emotional odyssey which tells the story of life from the Big Bang until today.”

“The audience will play the main role and take center stage,” said Stéphane Mongeau, President and CEO of Lune Rouge Entertainment.

The pyramid can incorporate augmented reality experiences, or become a nightclub venue with a multimedia environment.

Last month, Cirque du Soleil announced a partnership with Argentinean football player Leo Messi to create a show inspired by the football legend.

Last week, the company announced its first resident show in China in partnership with Hangzhou Xintiandi Group called Cirque du Soleil 绮幻之境 (The Land of Fantasy).

Source: Cirque du Soleil founder to open pyramid theatre in Montreal | blooloop