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Geometry Global UK is inviting brands to embrace ‘sensory reality’ alongside virtual and augmented reality as a means to deliver a personalised shopping experience.

The brand activation agency has become the first in Britain to install Sensiks Sensory Reality Pod – a multi-sensory cabin capable of synchronizing sound, vision, smell, temperature, air flow, taste and vibration to create a fully customizable experience.

Fred Galstaun, Sensik chief experience officer, said: “By enriching audiovisual content with stimuli for all the senses, sensory reality can transform the shopper’s state of mind from passive observing to active experiencing. Geometry will apply this experience-builder to help brands develop more meaningful experiences and deeper connections with their customers.”

Geometry is the latest company to latch onto growing consumer appetite for ‘experiences’ as opposed to products, a trend recently quantified by the Harris Group which found 57% of consumers favour experiences, a figure which rises 78% among millennials.

In practice this could see the booth tailored to communicate the taste, smell and feel of a chocolate brand or the sound, scent and scenery of a test drive on behalf of a vehicle manufacturer.

The field of sensory marketing has taken off in recent years with Huawei experimenting with haptic feedback in its ads.

Source: Brands invited to harness ‘sensory reality’ to make virtual shopping immersive | The Drum