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The limited edition game is great fun for ice cream fans

The Twisted Merry Dough Round was dreamed up to celebrate Ben & Jerry’s new Cookie Dough Twists

Iconic ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has revealed its new twist on games night with a limited-edition board game – the Twisted Merry Dough Round.

The creation is the perfect party game for ice cream fanatics and cookie dough lovers and includes a spoony spinner, challenge cards and all the tasty tools to get creative with flavours.

It is simple to play:

  • Players take a spin on the board to reveal which Ben & Jerry’s flavour they’ll be tucking into, plus the tool they’ll need to complete their challenge
  • The challenge cards will test ice cream lover’s credentials with a series of tasks including frozen tongue twisters, sculpture building and dough juggling
  • The champion will be the player with the most completed challenges when the cards or ice cream runs out.

The Twisted Merry Dough Round was dreamed up to celebrate Ben & Jerry’s new Cookie Dough Twists which come in two flavours:

Rain-dough Cookie Dough Twist is a Fairtrade Vanilla ice cream, with rainbow sprinkled cookie dough centre.

Chocolate Cookie Dough Twist is a Fairtrade Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie dough centre and chocolate chunks.

Collectors will have to be fast to grab one, a limited supply will be available to fans for free with new flavours included, via registration on a dedicated landing page.

Priscille Moussy, flavour guru at Ben & Jerry’s, said: “We often say at Ben & Jerry’s, if it’s not fun – why do it? Which perfectly sums up the existence of our Cookie Dough Twists – a modern re-imagining of a fan favourite flavour – and a ride for your taste buds.”

Source: Ben & Jerry’s creates limited-edition game for ice cream fans – here’s how to get one – Surrey Live

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