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The digital olfaction solution is ideal for the automotive and consumer markets due to its cost effective, robust, and miniature nature; Enables organizations to continuously improve the customer experience

Aryballe (, the pioneer in digital olfaction, today announced a new high-volume, low-cost universal odor sensor, capable of detecting any odor in near real-time. Built on a silicon photonics platform, Aryballe’s new sensor is ideal for the automotive and consumer appliances industries due to its miniature enabling companies to develop innovative solutions for new consumer application challenges.

Featuring the same sensitivity as Aryballe’s NeOse Pro, the new sensor device is smaller than a paperclip in size, more durable, and can be integrated more easily into existing smart sensor networks. This is especially important for companies developing smart home appliances as consumers more frequently demand a more seamless experience in the smart home.

The automotive industry is also experiencing a fundamental shift as the shared economy trend continues to gain momentum, and all aspects of consumer interaction and experience with cars have become important. Integrating Aryballe’s new sensor device into vehicles will enable fleet providers and vehicle manufacturers to continuously assess the impact of smell in a car to prevent a negative customer experience.

In fact, Hyundai Motor Company has already teamed up with Aryballe to use its sensors to better inform drivers of the interior conditions of their vehicles after investing in the company earlier this year. International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF) has also invested in the company, both in January 2019 and in the company’s most recent funding round in July, to refine and further develop the applications of Aryballe’s technology in the food, fragrance, cosmetics and other industries.

“Aryballe has been a leader in digital olfaction since our founding with a commitment to delivering products that enable our customers to make smarter and more informed business decisions,” said Sam Guillaume, CEO, Aryballe. “We dramatically reduced the size and cost of our newest device to further provide companies in consumer-facing industries with options they never had before. Now, our customers benefit from a much wider range of potential use cases, all of which improve the user experience as well as their bottom line.”

The new device is equipped with a silicon photonics biosensor, making it vibration resistant and less sensitive to outside influences. The sensor is functionalized with Aryballe’s proprietary combination of biosensors, which capture unique odor signatures in mere seconds. Once captured, Aryballe’s software then interprets those signatures based on a database of previously collected and analyzed odors, effectively mimicking the human sense of smell.

The new device will be available later this year, with the first samples shipping in Q2 2020. Aryballe will be showcasing the device at CES 2020 from January 7-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attendees are invited to visit Suite 30-102 in the Venetian Hotel to further explore each of Aryballe’s products and their use cases.

Please also visit the Aryballe website or contact us for more information.

About Aryballe
Based in Grenoble, France, Aryballe combines biochemistry, advanced optics and machine learning to mimic the human sense of smell. Founded in 2014, Aryballe released its first product, the digital nose NeOse Pro, in early 2018. Fast, portable and sensitive to hundreds of odors, NeOse Pro captures odor signatures for display and analysis via software solutions that enable better decision making for R&D, quality control, manufacturing and end user experiences. With operations in France and the USA, Aryballe works with global leaders in automotive, consumer appliances and flavor & fragrances.

Source: Aryballe Announces New High-Volume, Low-Cost Universal Odor Sensor for Consumer Applications