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Susan Dyson, founder of Hiitgirl, has revealed plans to develop the brand and expand its presence beyond the single studio site in London’s Highgate.

Hiitgirl – which, according to Dyson, is based on a concept of catering for “women who hate gyms” – opened its first studio in 2013.

Workouts are done barefoot in small groups and include a wide range of eco-friendly fitness toys, from mini trampolines and medicine balls to things like water-filled kettlebells.

In creating the studio environment, Dyson has used the same retail design agency as sports retailer Sweaty Betty and perfumier Jo Malone, and also signed up a fragrance partner, NEOM Organics, to create a multi-sensory space with smells, textures and visuals.

The success of the concept has now led Dyson to plan an expansion of the brand.

“We’re currently developing a wider range of experiences to enhance our core offer,” she told Health Club Management, “Including things such as mobility and recovery workouts, and complementary activities around nutrition and behaviour change.

“We’re also looking at how we can monetise the concept outside of our studio, with videos, apps and content licensing being a natural progression.

“We are inspired by what retail brands like Lululemon, Nike and Sweaty Betty are doing for women.”

To read a full-length interview with Susan Dyson, click here for the May 2018 issue of Health Club Management.

Source: Hiitgirl founder reveals plans to expand brand