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Humans are intricate creatures; we’re all made of roughly the same parts, yet among nearly 8 billion of us, you won’t find a person like yourself. Just think about it: we’re almost ready to jump for joy when we meet someone who shares our interests or has the same tolerance for spicy foods.

That said, have you ever wondered why we like what we like? Well, societal influences and genes play a vital role in determining our traits, actions, and preferences. For instance, some folks are fond of classical music, whereas others are at their happiest when they listen to the Top 40; some of us are great at math, while others have struggled with comprehending educational material for their entire lives. The list could go on and on – however, what’s interesting is that those preferences are not always mundane and banal, and sometimes we find ourselves liking the strangest things ever.

What’s a weird smell you’re willing to admit you like?” – this netizen turned to one of Reddit’s most thought-provoking communities and asked its members to reveal what odd smells they secretly like. The thread has managed to receive nearly 34K upvotes, as well as 36.2K comments and intriguing answers.

#1 The Smell Of Old Books
#2 The Smell Of Matches After The Flame Goes Out
#3 The Smell Of A Hot Parking Lot When It First Starts To Rain
#4 The Smell Of Sawdust
#5 The Smell Of The Inside Binding Of A New Paperback Book
#6 The Smell Of The Smoke Fireworks Leave Behind
#7 The Smell Of Timothy Hay
#8 The Clean Laundry Smell From External Dryer Vents
#9 The Smell Of Cooked White Rice
#10 The Smell Of Sharpies
#11 The Smell Of Paper
#12 That Smell When You Walk Into A Hotel With A Pool
#13 The Smell Of Water Coming Out Of A Garden Hose
#14 The Smell Of Water In Boat-Based Rides At Theme Parks
#15 The Smell Of New Tires
#16 The Smell Of Fresh Asphalt
#17 The Smell Of Other People’s Houses
#18 The Smell Of Freshly Opened Tennis Balls
#19 The Smell Of A Dog
#20 The Smell Of That Blue Copy Ink From Grade School
#21 The Smell Of Chlorine
#22 The Smell Of Church Candles
#23 The Smell Of Pool Floats
#24 The Smell Of The Basement
#25 The Smell Of WD-40
#26 The Smell Of Disney VHS Cases
#27 The Smell Of Chlorhexidine
#28 The Smell Of Brand-New Tech Gadgets
#29 The Smell Of Home Depot
#30 The Smell Of Windex
#31 The Smell Of Whiteboard Markers
#32 The Smell Of A Bird Pet
#33 The Smell Of Dirty Hair
#34 The Smell Of A Hot ComputerIt gives a melting plastic stench, reminds 
#35 The Smell Of Certain Women’s Sweat
#36 The Smell From Behind The Ears And The Sides Of The Nostrils

Source: 36 Smells People Willingly Admit They Love, As Shared In This Online Thread | Bored Panda